Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Samsung Files for "Galaxy Gear" Smart Watch Trademark

Samsung’s upcoming smart watch accessory may be dubbed the “Galaxy Gear,” based on a recently filed trademark by the company in its home country of South Korea as well as in the U.S. The trademark applications apply to an Internet-connected smart watch according to the Associated Press. One application for the “Samsung Galaxy Gear” was made with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 29, while another was filed a month earlier for the “Samsung Gear” in South Korea.

The designs for the upcoming device(s) are unknown but the USPTO application did describe the device to be a wristwatch, wrist band, or bangle. It also mentioned the device will be capable of connecting to the Internet, make phone calls, and check email and text message.

The South Korean tech giant’s trademark applications come after Apple, who has already filed for its own “iWatch” trademarks in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, and elsewhere around the globe. Despite the filings, Apple isn’t expected to introduce its own smart watch accessory until late 2014, with a focus on biometrics data such as heart rate monitoring.
Samsung previously revealed in March that it was readying its own smart watch accessory, though the company didn’t provide any details. The new device would actually be Samsung’s third stab at creating a wrist-worn device with two previous devices representing full-fledged phones worn on the wrist. The SPH-WP10 was released in 1999, while the S9110 Watch Phone debuted in 2009.

The Galaxy tag in Samsung’s forthcoming watch will fit in with the company’s family of mobile devices that run Google’s Android operating system. This includes the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, Galaxy Tab line of tablets, and a range of other devices. With Apple and Samsung said to be working on a smart watch, a number of tech companies are also betting on a big future in wearable electronics. Products from Microsoft, Google, Samsung and LG said to be in the works along with Sony’s recently announced Sony SmartWatch 2 and the currently available options such as Pebble, MetaWatch, and I’m Watch.

We’ll have to see how the upcoming wearable devices stack up against one another once more details are revealed.

Source: Associated Press

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