Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beware of Scams and Scammers!

As you know there are many websites on the Internet which are basically built to promote money making programs. Not all of them are true programs. Most of them, as I experienced are fake. Of course many factors involved to spot a true and honest business from the fake ones. If you are new to such a niche and plan to join a home based making money program, try first to consult with someone who is familiar with online business or do some research on the Internet about the program otherwise you may lose money.
A good source to get information about scams and scammers is http://www.scambusters.org which helps people protect themselves from clever Internet scams, identity theft and urban legends since 1994.
So as you see I am so serious in this regard, that is the cost of most Internet home business ideas and you may be about to give your hard-earned dollars to some Internet scammers because he might have convinced you that he could tell you how to make a lot of money starting a new kind of home business on the Internet.
This is a very bad phenomenon taking place these days on the Internet as it spoils morality and confidence among people. It also prevents, or at least makes it so difficult, for honest people to do business on the Internet. Therefore, it would be a nice thing to reveal their inhumane tips and tricks to make some restriction for them and fight against them in any way.
Anyway, you must beware! Here is the deal. Almost most of making money online schemes are scams. If you want to join such a program, you will encounter with them. I have seen many of them. They show you scanned check photos, account reports, and daily revenues and promise you a lot of desirable things including but not limited to mansions, fast cars, pools, and leer jets claiming that you would get them in a very short time so easily!
Of course there are some programs which may lead you to get a good life but not in a short time and easily. In case of joining such programs, you need to work hard and take endeavors, i.e. No Pain, No Gain.
Anyway, they will tell you "Send me just the low one-time fee of $39, $49 (less or more), and I'll show you how you can make $100s every day working only 2 hours a day!"
However, you needn't be discouraged. You really can learn how to make money on the Internet but not with fake ones. My primary goal to build this website is to help you to find honest and effective home business ideas.
In this regard, the first step is to find an answer to this question: "Which online home business opportunities are scams and which ones are not?"
If you are like some people who are new to this business, you may not know and the reason is certainly because these webmasters are so slick with their sales pitches.
On the other hand, you may also know that people are making money and some great living every day from home with online businesses. You may probably even know some of these people personally. Being careful and doing some research, there is no reason why you can't create a profitable Internet business yourself and that is what you are searching for right now.
Maybe you have considered the main problem if you have been looking for an online home-based business that the scammers out there mess everything up for you. You might probably suspect that. And you are absolutely right about that. According to my experience more than 85% of them are basically designed to take your money and leave you with nothing.
The reason that 85% of them are scams is because online business scamming is terribly successful. All over the world, over 500,000 people who are just like you and me search the Internet every day for a way to make more money online. And there are hundreds of greedy or fraudulent webmasters out there ready to catch us with flashy websites and fool us to buy their fake or scam home-based business.
Being deceived many times by them during my endeavors to find a right way to earn some extra cash to afford necessary things in my life, I have been trying to do something about it since the last time I was ripped off.
For this reason I decided to help those who are in a situation as I was several years ago and who are about to start an online business hoping to find what they are looking for. I just help people to join such programs that I have already joined myself and tested them.
I have been doing researches since several years ago to find some applied methods to spot scam businesses. I have now the ability to spot them. I love God and I love what He created. Hence, I also love humanity. I am fully aware of the morals and the intelligence behind creation of the universe. I know the value of helping others. Anyway, I have helped literally many people to find just the right work at home solution for themselves. I know, if not completely but relatively, which business models work on the Internet and which ones do not.
By the way, I have been testing, trying, and evaluating online home business models for several years. I am telling you with total honesty, that at least 85% of get rich schemes are scams. At least! But you do not have to fall into their traps. Before you buy an online business opportunity, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth.
And the last point is crucial. It is obvious you don't have the time to waste. You could spend your money, for instance, $39 on that home business eBook, but you will never get back the time it took you to read it and figure out that it wasn't going to work. That is the time, for example, you could have spent with your family or doing a useful task or you could have invested in getting a program that would work. You don't have that time to waste.
Good Luck

Source: scambusters.org

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