Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Fun, Simple Road to Becoming a Powerful Internet Marketer

Today I have some very exciting news for you. Through one of my internet connections, I have been introduced Bogdan Fiedur, the owner of Adlandpro. Bogdan runs one of the most successful online ad networks and he has been helping businesses make money for many, many years. Over the past 3 years, a community of business people has been growing steadily and it is now one of the top Business Communities on the web. With this post comes your invitation to join as well as take advantage of an exclusive special offer.

I care about the people and I am extremely careful about what I send you because my reputation is at stake here. This means that I won't offer anything to you unless I was 100% certain it was an excellent value. The Adlander is Adlandpro Community's premium membership and it packs some serious bang for your buck. You'll get:
  • Notification that a personal message you sent on the community to another member was opened so you don't waste any time waiting for replies.
  • Detailed tracking of visits to your profile like clicks to profile tabs, ads, forums, and more. Knowing who's interested before hand shows professionalism and gives you the edge.
  • The tools to send Email directly to a friend's email inbox from the community to respond quickly to questions.
  • An announcement send to all Community members on a monthly basis which you can broadcast to everyone. Get your message out to all 42,000 community members at once each and every month.
  • The ability to display ads on the community to your down-line which will be your ads only. No other advertising will be displayed so you have no competition for your customers.
  • Priority Exposure - Your offers and Requests are refreshed to keep them at the top of the results each hour.
  • The ability to create private discussions available only to you and those you invite to discuss matters without interference.
  • A button to disable all forum messages sent by a specific friend without alerting that friend.
  • Search for members in several different ways so you can find markets you may not have accessed before.
  • Commissions and credits for people you refer to the Adlandpro Community.
Because we're all in marketing, you know as well as I do that sending a message to 42,000 people at once will cost you HUGE anywhere else and you don't even get anywhere near the amount of extras you get as an Adlander.
Here, you get an opportunity to network in a vibrant active community full of people, build a friend's list plus you have a chance to send a message out to all of them every month.
Just wanted to let you know that we are now Adlander upgraded, and will continue to use the tools here at Adland to grow our network of friends and services. I waited nearly 20 minute to be the first to lock in the discounted membership, as it was truly one of the best advertising deals on the web.

They are nearing pre-launch of the new program, and as soon as all Adlander features are up and going we will be putting the system to the test, as this amazing set of webtools Bogdan has created can only aid our online business.

Take Advantage of this Offer Now!

After spending hours of my own time researching these types of services on the Internet, I have found that similar companies and websites don't even come close to touching the services you get with the Adlander but they charge just as much if not more. You can become an Adlander for only $1.00 for the first month.

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